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Member Profile John Spalding
School of attendance: Speed School @ University of Louisville
Selling chicken for a living (no, really!)
Shaving without cutting myself
Able to dress and feed myself
Being me and acting like I can play guitar

Hi, I'm John and I'm an alcholic... NO, WAIT!!! I really didn't mean that. Oh, great, now you think I'm some drunken frat boy, don't you. But really, I'm not. I'm cute and everyone loves me, actually. You should too, because if everyone's doing it, it must be right. At least, that's what everyone tells me, and if everyone tells me that, it must be right, right? I like cheese too, and I'm being totally serious about this. To get the best cheese EVER, you HAVE to go to Ernesto's. It's a mexican place here in Louisville, and they have the best cheese. But don't go to the one on Shelbyville Road, b/c they don't have a lunch buffet like they do at the one on Preston Highway. But the buffet only goes from 11:30 until 2:00, so you may want to camp out the night before in order to get in. Just don't take my table. It's the one for 6 people by the salad side of the buffet. Not that I eat salad, which I don't, b/c I don't eat green food. But where was I? Oh yea, I think we are going to get together really well even though we barely know eachother. I can just FEEL it!!! In fact, you should take me to Ernesto's for lunch tomorrow. What time do you want to meet there?

John Spalding is/has:
Sexy, Goal Oriented, Friendly, Laid Back, Smart, Caring, Religious, Fun Loving, Intelligent, No real skills, Anything you want me to be (wink wink :) ), Brilliant beyond reason

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