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 Which is better? Coke, or Pepsi?
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Member Profile Claire
School of attendance: Mercyhurst College!
Um...I achieved cult status for sparkly pants
I'm really sexy. (jk)
I eat squid (That one's for real)
I can play oboe real good

I did not list "Mad bedroom skillz" because I have this habbit of walking arond with a neon sign on my head that seems to read "I AM EASY." I can't see the sign, but obviously all members of the male sex can see it. It's funny - I don't know who put that sign there because I am NOT easy at all and I can't find a man who likes me for me and not because I'm bootylicious. I swear I'm a really cool person though!

Claire is/has:
Sexy, Goal Oriented, Friendly, Helpful, Laid Back, Smart, Caring, Religious, Fun Loving, Intelligent, Social Drinker, No real skills, Brilliant beyond reason

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John Spalding
I'm actually the sixth member of N*Sync, just in case one of the guys gets his soul stolen by Satan again.
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